Art Reproduction

Art reproduction is the most critical of all levels of printing. It is the most demanding and time consuming process we have due to it's need for exactness. When reproducing works of art one has to consider its three stages. First, there's the photographing or scanning of the original in either digital or film. Second, there is the manipulation of the file for tonal correction and color matching, and if needed retouching of the file. Lastly, there is the proofing and final printing.


1) Original Flat Art Photographic Services

Black & white or Color originals up to 5x7 feet

35mm Chromes, 2 densities, 1 for slide sheet viewing, 1 for projection

4x5 Chromes

High Resolution  Digital Files

 Virtual Drum Scanning

Direct, Diffused, and Polarized lighting


Film Copy Work

 4X5 Copy Chrome


35mm Slides

 Roll color film and processing


 Shooting time per hour, 1 hr Minimum



Digital Copy Work

Per Quadrant


Per Stitch





15 Megs


Additional Megs

.25 per meg


2) File Manipulation

Any of the above copy work includes the normal amount of color balancing and tonal correction with a minimum of retouching. Employing state of the art color management we still find individual pieces can have their own inherent problems with ink-sets, paper, and color gamut matching. Many pieces need background cleaning and possibly retouching to fully resolve the printing file. These services are billed at an hourly rate. We generally find when a piece has a problem it takes an average of 15 to 30 minutes of  time for correction with  longer times needed for more difficult pieces.

Computer time per hour



3) Printing

These final Art Reproduction prints are crafted in direct communication with the artist utilizing approved work prints before final printing. We have many choices of papers and ink-sets. Permanency, durability and longevity vary between combinations of ink-sets and paper. All print prices include two proof prints if needed. Additional proofs are billed at the rates listed bellow. See "Giclee' Printing" for additional printing prices.













Additional proofs