Ink Jet Coating

If needed for a particular project, we have several ink-jet coatings to prepare surfaces for inkjet printing. Substrates can be up to 1/16th thick.


Wood Veneer

Oak, Ash, Maple and others.



For textiles that are not already available, we can coat just about whatever you want



We have specialty Polycarbonates ready to go, but if you need something else we can prepare those too.


Vellum & Parchment

Sheepskin, pig, and cow



Aluminum, Copper, Stainless steel, and anything else that's 1/16" or less thickness.

 Jobs are priced on individual specifications

Any of these substrates can be combined to make one final work of art. We have a full workshop to support any of your pre-visualized concepts. Call and let us help you create your piece.