Litigation Support Services

Mr. Ira Wunder

" I can provide you with all you need in analysing, preparing, and presentation of your photographic evidence and can appear in court as your photographic expert witness. I have over 30 years experience in the business and I'm knowledgeable of all traditional and digital photographic processes. Additionally, if you need photography I can provide that as well. All this and I'm only 5 minutes from the courts in downtown White Plains.

The Process

  1. Photography if needed
  2. Consultation
  3. Printing for Case
  4. Printing for presentation
  5. Court Appearence





We have several highly trained photographers that can provide you with any kind of location photography you might need. Additionally we have an in-house studio which offers anything from a head-shot to infra-red and Ultra-Violet forensic photography. The individual specifications of the job will determine price.

  • Studio
  • Location
  • Macro/Micro
  • Ariel
  • Infra-Red
  • Ultra-Violet





Consultations are where we sit down with you to discuss the important points of your case and therefore understand the role the photographs will play while reviewing pertinent photos to your case. When we correct any image for trial, we enhance the image to best show what's most important using industry standard tools to globally and selectively correct for exposure and color balance. This eliminates issues with selectively manipulating individual areas beyond what may be there. Anything up to thirty minutes is free. All of our monitors are color managed using GraytagMcgbeth color management tools. Confidentiality guaranteed.

At my studio




Scanning / Printing      Mounting

When the case needs more then machine prints from Kinko's and quality of the prints is paramount for a succesful outcome to your case, we handle all types of scanning and printing and we have special rates for attornys. From evidentury photos to demonstrative exhibts, we have you covered. We can produce prints from 3.5x5" to larger then 40x60" and mount them too on whatever substrate is right for the presentation.

For full pricing see chart below




Court Appearence

Located only five minutes from the courts here in White Plains, NY. I never have trouble getting to court. With over thirty years experience in photography, having one of the most advanced and complete digital labs around, coming from a family of lawyers, and being experienced with presenting to large audiences, I'm the perfect fit for your practice. Additionaly we can rent you easels and projectors and deliver them to court. We can provide you with personnel to operate and run your presentation if needed.





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