Mailing and Shipping

Fed-X  Priority

If we do not have your Federal Express number on file and you need Fed-X service,your charges will be calculated online at the Fed-X site. An additional $2.00 will be added to the  drop off price  for packing and handling.

Fed-X Standard

Fed-X  2 day

Fed-X Express Saver

Fed-X Up to one Pound

5x7 Mail


8x10 Mail


11x14 Mail


16x20 Mail


Priority 8x10 1 lbs


Priority 2 lbs


Messengers Available

 Priced per location

We urge anyone shipping by Fed-X to open an account with them and have us bill your account. Due to changes in thier pricing it is becoming more difficult to calculate the correct cost of shipping. We therefore have to bill at a higher rate then you might be billed by them directly. There will be an additional $2.00 service charge for any shipping under our account. Federal Express accounts are free and they do not charge interest.