Spray Fixatives


There is a debate whether to spray protect prints  or not, specially among our artist concerning art reproduction. This is a discussion when you are talking about artist paper for printing, but not with aquis pigmented ink-jet papers. These papers incorporate an ink-jet coating used as a receptor to hold the inks, much different then regular rag or fiber papers used in etching or watercolor. Although the papers and inks are archival and the coatings test neutral, the ink-jet coatings are very susceptible to Ozone. Ozone is a gas that is created by electronic equipment and will turn the print brown. If your print is going directly into a frame, it is protected and therefore does not need spray protection. Wilhielm Riech Institute, the leading institute for conservation and longevity in the USA says the coatings we use add at least 20  years to the print.

Canvass needs spraying all the time to protect the inks from marring.

Other reasons to spray prints are to protect them from Ultra Violet light, moisture, and make then more durable for handling.

  $3.00 Per Square Foot, $20.00 minimum



 Aquis in 4 surfaces




Solvent and Aquis